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5 Tips for Selling Your House Fast

5 Tips for Selling Your House Fast

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When you’re ready to sell your house, normally you’re ready to sell it, like, now. Right? Usually, you’re relocating for work. Perhaps you’ve signed a contract for your new home. Or you’re getting divorced and need to split up your assets. Maybe you’re just ready to move on. No matter the reason, if you put some thought into it and prep ahead of time, your house should sell fairly quickly.

Tips for Selling Your House

Make a good first impression

No matter how good the interior of your home looks, buyers have already judged your house before they walk through the door It’s important to make people feel warm, welcome and safe as they approach. Clean up the yard, plant a few shrubs and add a pop of color with some potted flowers.

Be ready to show it. All. The. Time.

Your house should be “show-ready” at all times. You never know which showing is going to be with the buyer of your house! Be available when they want to see it…and the house should be ready (free of clutter and clean) too!

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Remember: It’s not your home anymore!

It’s not your home.

One of the most important things to do: de-personalize the house. Both in what’s in it…and in your mind! You need to mentally separate yourself from the house (once you make the plan to sell, it’s not your home anymore). Help buyers picture their families in the house by removing yours (personal photos in the halls, kid’s paintings from the fridge, you get the gist). Remember: the more personal stuff in the house, the less potential buyers can imagine theirs in it!

Spruce it up!

Remodel, or don’t. Consider this: a kitchen remodel can give you about 85% of your money back. Alternatively think about inexpensive updates to make. A fresh coat of paint throughout the main rooms (kitchen, master bath, dining room, hallways) goes a long way. Also think about updating cabinet hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Right-price your house

Find out what your house is worth by consulting with a professional. Realtors are adept at finding the right price for a quick sale. Did you know that sometimes you could end up in a multiple-offer situation (even in the worst markets) that could lead to you selling for more than you expected.

Overall, the best tips for selling your house are to be ready, plan ahead, remove the “emotion” from the sale and hire a professional. You’ll be thankful you planned it out to sell it fast!


Adapted from 2018 Xpress Docs postcard


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