What’s My Home Worth?

Questions to consider when setting list price - other homes listed, cost per sq. ft. seller's market or buyer's market among othersThere are a lot of factors that go into determining the value of your home. This is why there are so many different valuations – Zillow values your home one way, Realtor.com may have a different amount, the cash offer from an iBuyer (like OfferPad) will probably be very different, your real estate professional recommends another list price and ultimately, an appraiser will most likely say something else. It can be very confusing for a home seller to decide what’s the most realistic and reliable valuation.

Ultimately, keep in mind your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it (and if mortgaged, that someone is the bank). But you won’t know that number until the sale is complete and the deal has closed.

If you want to get a general idea of what you could be looking at, you can request an initial CMA (comparative market analysis) below, then let’s talk so we can refine the value to see what your home could be worth in current market conditions in our area.

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