Buyer’s Agent Pinellas County

Buyer’s Agent – Pinellas County REALTOR® Candis Carmichael

Pinellas County REALTOR® Candis Carmichael is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR® issued by the National Association of Realtors). We all know that buying a home is likely the single largest investments you will ever make. It will be an emotional, often confusing process. Ultimately, it should be one of your most rewarding experiences.

“I’m proud to help my buyer-clients stress-less with smooth, seamless transactions making their experiences exciting, fun and uniquely memorable,” says REALTOR® Candis.

During your initial consultation, a deep dive into your needs and wants will create the guide used to find your dream home. And with the assistance of an expert, you’ll save you many hours of wasted time trying to do it on your own. Sometimes what you want ends up not meeting all your needs, and sometimes your needs aren’t enough to satisfy your wants. REALTOR® Candis’s professional guidance helps narrow in on your “goldilocks” home.

What does all of this mean for you as a home buyer?

  • You’ll be working with an expert with proven experience.
    As an ABR®, REALTOR® Candis has completed special coursework and passed a certification test in buyer representation, which means she has a deep understanding of and appreciation for buyers’ concerns. And one of the key qualifications of earning the ABR® designation is proof of buyer-representation transactions. It’s impossible for an inexperienced real estate agent to obtain the ABR® designation.
  • You’ll have a skilled professional advocating for YOU.
    In real estate transactions, having representation (either as a buyer or seller) means that an industry professional is obligated to protect and promote your interests. Without buyer representation, you could find yourself working with an agent whose loyalty is aligned with the seller — the listing agent!
  • You’ll simplify many complex aspects of your transaction.
    Real estate isn’t your “day job,” so you’re probably not familiar with the many nuances of real estate contracts, disclosure forms, and mortgage applications. While these documents can be confusing and daunting, most buyers genuinely appreciate having a knowledgeable resource to answer their questions.
  • You can improve your negotiating results.
    Deciding on an offer price for a house is tricky business, requiring careful analysis of other comparable homes for sale, recently sold homes, and other market factors. Plus, your offer price is only one part of your negotiating strategy – especially in a multiple-offer situation. As your ABR®, REALTOR® Candis can advise you on every negotiating detail, including counseling you on the pluses and minuses of various contingencies. You can rest assured that your offer will be presented and negotiated to get you the best possible outcome, likely landing you the home of your dreams, even in a tight market.