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Candis’s Official Announcement

Candis's Official AnnouncementCandis’s Official Announcement

You may have seen my social activity lately. And you probably asked yourself: when did Candis get into real estate?

I’ve been in marketing in some degree or another for almost 15 years. In that time, I’ve marketed products to consumers, events to the public and services to businesses. My activities have supported sales teams, professional associations, and self-improvement companies. I was passionate about what I did.

I still am.

But when I look back at my last 15 years, I now see a common thread. My passions are connected. I’m passionate about connecting the “haves” with the “wants.” When I wake up in the morning, I’m excited to find solutions that advance people and companies.

As most know, I also have a huge passion for home improvement. I absolutely love IKEA for ideas. Picking just the right paint for the walls is something I agonize over. When it comes to the holidays, I ask for tools as gifts.

Growing up in a real estate industry household, terms like “escrow” and “external obsolescence” were commonly heard. I spent years helping agents assemble mailers (and, subconsciously, hearing as they made calls in the office). I prepared invoices and took exterior property photos for appraisals (great use of my young driver’s license) all over the Chicago area.

The Next Steps

Is it any wonder I am now answering my calling? I’ve found a career that feeds my passions and builds on my supporting foundations. I can now act as an adviser to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership and real estate investment. I am able to guide people through the often times daunting task of finding a place to plant their roots.

Now is the time that I get to put all of my skills to use: marketing, negotiations, teaching, advising. I can combine them with my soft talents: people skills, market research and property evaluation. Finally, I am in the perfect position for the next steps in my career.

Candis’s Official Announcement

I’m excited to announce the next evolution in my career: I’ve transitioned over to the join the Tampa Bay powerhouse of Charles Rutenberg Realty in Clearwater! I look forward to this chapter and the 2,000+ amazing agents there. I can’t wait to dig in to better serve my clientele and the honor of working with to help them find their gem, making their dreams come true.

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