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Prepare Your House to Sell

How To Prepare Your House to Sell – Get the Best Price and a Quicker Sale

prepare your house to sell staging infographic coffee with candis carmichaelSo, think about this. Let’s say your current home value (as-is) is $250,000. If you stage your property, according to this statistic, you may sell for $15,000-$62,500 more! Even on the low end — $15,000 ?!?! – I’ll take it! Therefore, staging pays for itself – and then some – when you prepare your house to sell.

You can’t deny the value of staging when you prepare your house to sell, so let me tell you what to do first.

  • Disassociate Yourself
    See your house as a “product” you are marketing.
  • Commit to the Process
    Hard work = Rewards (think $$$)
  • Get Help
    Using a professional stager will increase your staging returns. A professional knows your market, uses design rules to make the most of your space, and can objectively see what YOU won’t in the space you’ve been living in.
  • Packing Starts Now
    Get boxes and start packing, donating, and throwing out. Remember, you’re going to have to pack at some point anyway! Start now to declutter and organize.
  • Fix It
    Only low-ball investors like to buy homes that need work, so make those repairs now. Buyers will be making a mental list of all of the “must-do’s” as they walk through your house – don’t let that list become more than they want to tackle.
  • No Profile
    Don’t allow buyers to profile you politically, religiously, or otherwise – pack it up!
  • Photo Rules
    Lifestyle photos only! We want buyers to see the “good life” in your house, not feel like they are intruders in your home. Help them imagine their family living there in the lifestyle your house offers.
  • De-Clutter
    Clear accessories that are more than 5 years old and smaller than a baseball.

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  • Lighting
    Let the natural light in! Remove old drapes in main area and trim any bushes around windows that may block the windows. Replace outdated light fixtures – this makes a big difference in the overall appearance of a room.
  • Modernize
    Buy fresh pillows, large artwork, live plants, and white towels for bathrooms. This is an inexpensive way to update a room without doing anything permanent. Updated accessories can provide the “WOW!” factor you need for an edge in a competitive market.

For the record: staging does not mean you have to pack up your whole house and bring in rental furniture and accessories to prepare your house to sell. In occupied houses, use what you have to draw attention to the great features and help buyers visualize how they might use the space.

Remember, if you don’t stage your home, you’re just helping your competition!

Be Your Best!

Amie Stepkoski is the Owner of A Step Above Designs, which provides home staging and redesign services that freshen up your space. To contact Amie, visit www.astepabovedesigns.com or call 727.710.0115. 

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