Romance and Real Estate

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Romance and real estate are two concepts that are often thought of as separate and unrelated. However, there is a strong connection between the two. When it comes to the most important decisions in life, the ones that define our future and happiness, real estate plays a crucial role. Deciding to Buy One of the […]

Wellness Rooms: A Growing Real Estate Trend

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Wellness rooms are rapidly becoming the latest trend in real estate for 2023. A wellness room is a dedicated space within a home or building that is designed to promote health and wellness through a variety of activities such as yoga, meditation, or simple relaxation. The demand for wellness rooms has increased as people are […]

Revive Your Home with These Simple Tips

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Are you stressed out or feeling overly anxious? Not to worry – there are several ways to reduce the stress in your life. One of these is to revive your home. Your home environment has many effects on your mental health. This makes it even more essential to create a home environment you love. Read […]

5 Ways You and Your Friends Can Give Back

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If you’re hoping to give back to the community, consider making it a social affair! This way, you get to do good and connect with your friends all in one go, which beats that monthly shopping trip or coffee date. Below are a few suggestions. Hike and haul. Grab a group of pals, some gloves and […]

6 Easy Ways to be Eco-Friendly Each Day

Let’s face it. When it comes to being more mindful of the environment in your day-to-day life, while your heart may be in the right place, sometimes being green just seems too complicated. In reality, eco-friendly habits don’t always involve big measures like building a compost bin or installing solar panels. In fact, it’s the […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Mood Instantly

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Changing your clothes could actually help to boost your mood now. Feeling a little off-balance today? Snapping at everything from the kids to parked cars? When your moods are heightened, life can feel off. Try these gentle, medication-free ways to boost your mood almost instantly and achieve Moodtopia. 1. Commit a random act of kindness. […]

Maintain Long Distance Friendships

  Regardless of the reason, there comes a point in time where time zones, states or even an ocean separates us from our BFFs. Before you become a sobbing mess saying your “see you soon” to your ride or die know this; friendships are not defined by how often you physically see each other rather […]

Intriguing Brain Exercises

I came across this article today with some intriguing brain exercises and just had to share. It’s common knowledge that humans don’t use anywhere near the maximum capacity of their brains. Personally, I’m always on the hunt for ways to increase my mental dexterity. My goal: to make the most of what I do use. What follows […]

Finding Some Headspace

Finding Some Headspace - Coffee with Candis Carmichael

Sometimes, we need a little help finding some headspace. There are days when we would rather just stay in bed instead of face what’s ahead. One primary reason: we’re running on sensory overload every. single. day. What’s this lead to? We’ve probably started to experience a quasi short-circuit which makes us feel tired, overwhelmed and […]