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5 Ways You and Your Friends Can Give Back

Ways to give back with friends - Coffee with Candis CarmichaelIf you’re hoping to give back to the community, consider making it a social affair! This way, you get to do good and connect with your friends all in one go, which beats that monthly shopping trip or coffee date. Below are a few suggestions.

Hike and haul. Grab a group of pals, some gloves and a trash bag and hit the hiking trails, side roads, beach or park. Pick up trash while you walk and talk to connect, get some exercise, and clean up your local landscape.

Host a fundraiser. Gather a group, choose an organization you feel strongly about, and host a fundraiser.
Remember, a fundraiser can look like anything you like. Host a cocktail party with a donation-based or fixed price entry fee, grab some artist pals and have an exhibit or concert, create a neighborhood bake sale, or host a joint yard sale and agree to donate all earnings.

Make it a competition. Nothing beats a little friendly competition. Enter a charity race together, or create a little bet about who can raise the most funds from their social circle.

Volunteer together. Grab a friend and log some hours at your local shelter, soup kitchen or other charity event for a fun, fresh way to connect.

Foster a pet. Have another animal-loving pal? Agree to each foster a dog or cat. Doing so together can give you something to connect over, and if your foster animals are social, you can get together for pet play dates.

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